Power Smart h.e.l.p. Sheets

BC Hydro h.e.l.p. (Home Energy Learning Program) sheets provide valuable information on energy-efficient improvements you can undertake, from appliances to heating.

Click on the links below to download the brochures.


  • It’s Power Smart to buy ENERGY STAR® [PDF, 138 Kb]
  • Use energy-efficient appliances in your home [PDF, 282 Kb]
  • ENERGY STAR® labelled, front-loading clothes washers [PDF, 160 Kb]
  • Residential air conditioners [PDF, 78 Kb]

Electrical Equipment

  • Ground-fault circuit interrupters [PDF, 229 Kb]
  • Returning to your home or business after a flood [PDF, 81 Kb]
  • Power quality in your home [PDF, 167 Kb]


  • ENERGY STAR® qualified windows and doors [PDF, 120 Kb]
  • Reduce condensation in your home [PDF, 68 Kb]
  • Draftproofing against energy loss [PDF, 58 Kb]
  • Insulating for energy efficiency [PDF, 144 Kb]
  • Thermostats for efficiency and comfort [PDF, 106 Kb]
  • Good ventilation is important [PDF, 152 Kb]
  • Electric baseboard heaters [PDF, 605 Kb]
  • Electric forced air heating [PDF, 232 Kb]
  • Portable electric space heaters [PDF, 44 Kb]
  • Hydronic heating for comfort and value [PDF, 405 Kb]
  • Residential domestic water heating [PDF, 121 Kb]
  • Extend the life of your electric hot water tank [PDF, 107 Kb]
  • Spas and hot tubs [PDF, 52 Kb]
  • Energy efficient residential swimming pools [PDF, 93 Kb]
  • Buy a furnace with a variable speed motor [PDF, 187 Kb]

Whole-House Energy Use

  • Save energy and money with Power Smart tips [PDF, 270 Kb]
  • Building a new home? Make it Power Smart [PDF, 160 Kb]
  • How to choose an energy efficient house [PDF, 125 Kb]
  • Choosing the right contractor [PDF, 182 Kb]


  • Indoor lighting for comfort and savings [PDF, 137 Kb]
  • Outdoor lighting for safety and security [PDF, 66 Kb]
  • Lighting for the holiday season [PDF, 153 Kb]

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