CleanTech Minutes

Canada is a world leader in clean technologies.

These technologies offer new and more effective ways to increase energy efficiency, use renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They are changing how Canadians live, work and produce energy.

The Government of Canada and its industry partners are working to respond to growing global demand for clean energy technologies. Together, we have developed some of the world’s most advanced, environmentally friendly technologies, which are part of the solution to create balance between economic prosperity and environmental responsibility.

Our efforts will contribute to clean air, water, land and energy for Canadians now and in the future.


See how biodiesel is an efficient alternative fuel that is also good for the environment.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Capture & Storage

Learn how capturing and storing CO2 can create more power, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and take greenhouse gas emissions out of the atmosphere.

Diamond Mining

Learn how Ekati, Canada’s first diamond mine, is being energy-efficient and reducing greenhouse gas emissions while improving its bottom line.

Flaring Efficiency

Discover how Canadian research is helping drill rigs and refineries improve flaring and reduce their environmental impacts.


Learn about R-2000 standards for house construction to find out how leading-edge Canadian clean technology is being used to build energy-efficient and environmentally responsible homes.


Learn how free software developed by Natural Resources Canada can help people make decisions about the efficiency and cost of installing clean energy projects.

Steel Manufacturing

Find out how a steelmaker in Cambridge, Ontario, is cutting its costs and energy demands by piping in methane gas from a nearby landfill site to fire up its big furnaces.

Wind Power

See how wind power is spreading – and how it will help Canada live up to its environmental commitments.

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